Electrical Equipments


Electrical Equipments

Welcome to Aeronexits, your premier destination for cutting-edge electrical equipment that defines excellence in performance and safety. Explore our extensive range designed to meet the diverse needs of industries and individuals alike.Aeronexits goes beyond providing top-notch equipment – we offer seamless installation services. Our expert team ensures that your lights, machinery, and electronic devices are not only functional but optimally configured to your specifications. Trust us for hassle-free installations that meet the highest standards.



Water and dustproof light tting with LED modules. Housing made of GRP, diuser made of polycarbonate. Stainless steel clamps. Available in C4 corossion class.


Waterproof and dustproof industrial luminaire for hard working conditions. Housing made of galvanized steel or stainless steel. Polycarbonate diuser. Very high impact resistance IK10.


Aluminum luminaire withvery ecient LED modules. Wide
range of conguration options. Modern design. Very wide
range of operating temperatures.
The luminaire has 4kV overvoltage protection and special
power supplies adapted to work in harsh industrial
INS400LED can be equipped with a 3h emergency module
with self-test function. The luminaire is adapted to the
installation of pictograms.



Tube type light xture with LED modules designed for harsh working conditions. Housing made of thick polycarbonate or borosilicate glass. Endcaps made of aluminium or stainless steel. Very high degree of protection IP69K. Light tting is equipped with special optics that disperse the luminous ux of the modules. Optional version with special, stabilized LED 24VDC modules.


Water and dustproof industrial light tting with encapsulated LED modules designed for harsh working conditions. Housing made of stainless steel with increased acid resistance, diuser made of tempered Glass, PC or PMMA. Easy and quick assembly. Thanks to optional LED
modules, light tting can be used in 24VDC installations.



Industrial LED oodlight with very high luminous ux and excellent eciency. The housing of the HPL450LED is made of aluminum and stainless steel. A wide range of conguration options and various types of optics allows to be adapted to the requirements of the workplace. The modern design is based on proprietary aluminum proles, an aesthetic nish of the diuser and contrasting gray elements.
HPL450LED can be equipped with an additional protective grid to additionally cover of the diuser. In the case of outdoor installations, the luminaire can be equipped with special ventilation plugs.




STREET Light Poles

Discover an illuminating world with Aeronexits’ diverse range of lighting solutions designed to enhance both functionality and aesthetics. Our landscape lighting transforms outdoor spaces, creating a captivating ambiance while providing essential visibility. Illuminate streets with our state-of-the-art street lighting, ensuring safe and well-lit thoroughfares. For architectural brilliance, explore our Turrell lighting options, marrying form and function for striking visual appeal. In hazardous environments, our explosion-proof lights prioritize safety without compromising illumination. Harness the power of the sun with our solar lighting solutions, offering sustainable and energy-efficient alternatives. Aeronexits also caters to industrial needs with robust industrial light fittings, ensuring reliable and durable illumination in challenging settings. Explore our selection of poles, including mid-hinged and high mast poles, for versatile and effective lighting installations. Elevate the urban landscape with our decorative and octagonal lighting poles, seamlessly blending style and functionality. Trust in Aeronexits for lighting solutions that go beyond mere illumination, defining spaces with brilliance and innovation.

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