Safety is the cornerstone of Aeronexits’ comprehensive suite of services, encompassing electrical, mechanical, and lighting solutions. Our commitment to safety is evident in every facet of our offerings. In the realm of electrical services, we prioritize the installation of reliable safety systems, conduct routine inspections to ensure compliance with industry standards, and promptly address emergency repairs to minimize risks. Aeronexits goes beyond illumination by providing landscape and street lighting solutions with built-in safety features, ensuring well-lit and secure environments. In the world of mechanical equipment, we integrate cutting-edge safety technologies, conduct meticulous risk assessments, and implement fail-safe mechanisms to safeguard both personnel and machinery. At every step, our goal is to create environments where safety and performance coexist seamlessly. Trust Aeronexits for a holistic approach to safety across electrical, mechanical, and lighting services, where your well-being is our top priority.


Safety First

Head Protection

Industrial Safety Helmets and Bumpcaps (Honeywell, Karam, Windsor, Guards etc.) are available with-

▸ Ventilated & Non Ventilated Shells

▸ Nape Type & Ratchet Type Head Bands

▸ISI, EN & ANSI approvals

▸ We also provide helmets with your logo

Eye Protection & Accessories

A Complete range of Safety Spectacles & Goggles (with Polycarbonate/Acetate Lens having Antifog, Antiscratch, Anti UV, Antistatic properties) make to suit a variety of applications, from general industry to specilized welding jobs & chemical handling. Our range of safety spectacles are CE Certified & confirm to the standards as laid down in EN 166:2001. IR 11/IR 5/IR3▸ Indoor/Outdoor Lens Options: Clear Smoke/Grey Amber

Face Protection

An Exclusive range of Face protectors & Welding Shields designed to protect wearer’s eyes & face from the harmful radiations including visible light, UV/IR radiations resulting from certain processes. A wide range of face shields suitable for – Metal cutting operation, Spray Painting, Petroleum Industry Chemical Industry, Grinding, Processing, Electrical-Gas Welding & Iron and Steel industry.
Visor Options: Clear Smoke Grey IR Shade 5 / Shade 8 Hi-Temp Gold Coated Wire Mesh

Respiratory Protection

A full range of Respiratory Protective Equipments like Disposable Respirators, Reusable Half Face & Full Face Respirators, Escape Masks, Powered Air Purifying Respirators (PAPR), Supplied Air Respirators & Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA)

Hand Protection

A Complete range of EN approved Industrial Safety Hand Gloves

Protective Clothing

A complete range of Protective clothing – Disposable Coveralls for Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Petrochemical Industries, Aluminised Proximity Suits, Nomex Fire Suits, Welding Aprons, Sleeves, PVC Suits.

Feet Protection

An extensive range of Industrial Safety Footwears with Steel/Composite Toe, Direct Injected Single/Double Density PU/PU + TPU Sole, Single/Triple Density PVC Sole. PVC Gumboots with Steel Toe. Confirming to standards laid down by IS 15298 & EN ISO 20345.

Fall Protection

An extensive range of Full Body Harnesses, Rope Grab & Retractable Fall Arresters, Descenders, Tripod-Winch, Anchorage Lines & Hooks, Work Positioning Belts & Lanyards, Horizontal Life Lines, Variety of fall protection & Rescue kits, Fixed Line System (Permanent Anchorage Lines) (CE marked & Conforming to EN 361, EN 353, EN 358, EN 813, EN 360.)

Traffic Safety & Signages

Customised Safety Signages, Autoglow Signages & Barrication (Caution) Tapes, All types of Traffic Safety Equipments, Traffic Cones, Convex Mirrors, Batons, Speed bumps, Floor Signages, Floor Marking Tapes etc

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Portable Gas Detectors

A complete range of Honeywell make Portable Gas Detectors, Online Gas Detectors (Fixed Type). We also provide calibration & maintenance service for Honeywell Make gas detectors.

LOTO Equipments (Lock Out Tag Out)

Hasp, Padlock, Cylinder Lockout, Cable Lockout, Valve Lockout, Circuit Breaker Lockout, Electrical Lockout, Safety Lockout Tags, LOTO Station and LOTO Kits

Hand tools

Hand tools have been used by humans since the Stone Age when stones were used for hammering and cutting. During the Bronze Age tools were made by casting the copper and tin alloys. Bronze tools were sharper and harder than those made of stone

General safeyty products

Fire Extinguishers & Hydrants Accessories

A complete range of Minimax Brand Fire Extinguishers

Fire Hydrant Accessories

Hydrant Valve, Hose Box, Hose Reel Drum, Branch Pipe, Fire Hose & Coupling, delivery Hose Coupling, Fire Blanket, Fire Bucket, Fireman Axe.

Spill Kits

Electrical Arc Protection

The NFPA 70E Standard and OSHA Regulations have been established to protect workers from electrical shock and arc flash hazards. We have complete range of products, to meet the NFPA 70E Standard and OSHA 29 1910.269 Regulations. Only our product provide the complete list of Personal Protective Equipment required to protect workers against electrical hazards as defined by OSHA Regulations and the NFPA 70E Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace.
We do undertake-Electrical Safety Program Assessment, Onsite Electrical Safety Training.

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